Mental Health Awareness Week at CWU


This past week Central Washington University’s PRSSA team put on a different event for each day of the week to raise awareness about mental health. #eburgspeaks was held from February 28 to March 3, I attended on Thursday March 2nd which was the theme of “feel good”.

In the SURC pit there was a table with information and behind that was a huge poster that students could use the colorful markers to answer the question. The question being “How do you take care of yourself?” it was open for anyone passing by to anonymously write up on the board about how they personally take care of themselves.

Personally, as a college student I live a very busy life trying to balance taking 17 credits, working part time, working out and oh yeah of course.. having a social life. Life can get stressful and overwhelming but something I took away from Thursdays campaign was to always be sure to take some time for yourself.

I usually find that working out either by myself or with a friend is how I like to take a time out from my crazy busy life, it is also a way I am able to relieve stress. Eating healthy is another way I take care of myself, obviously there are times I fall off that eating healthy train but for the most part I try to eat a balanced diet because I can tell the different in how I feel during the days when I eat healthy vs when I slip up.

I have heard nothing but great things about this event and I was really please with how supportive the students here at CWU were towards these events.


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