Lackland Air Force Base Sex Scandal

Sex Scandal Involved 31 Trainees Allegedly Victimized by Instructors

Investigation of the scandal began June of 2011, when a female trainee came forward and accused her male instructor of assaulting her. Once this one particular female trainee decided to come out, more cases started to reach the surface. The Air Force immediately started to address the situation by shutting down all recruit training for one day to give a written survey to all the trainees at Lackland, where they then came to the conclusion that Texas has become the main focal point in this growing 


Weeks later the Air Force brought charges against the instructors who had been involved. Gen. Edward Rice, the commander of Air Force Training, had said that the investigation of 12 different instructors at Lackland did not mean that there was a systematic problem across the the entire Air Force training program. Some instructors that were accused of sexual assault were Master Sgt. Jamey Crawford was accused of giving alcohol to a female trainee and then having sex with her. Tech. Sgt. Christopher Smith was accused of striking up an intimate relationship with a trainee, making sexual hints at a trainee and carrying on a personal social relationship with a second trainee.

Justice for the Victims Involved in this Scandal

The Air Force relieved the officer that was in charge of the training squadron where most of the officers that had been accused of sexual crimes came from. He no longer was able to be in charge of any squadron but he still remains in the Air Force.

For most, one would say that it is unfair that anyone that played a part or that was involved in this scandal should resign from the Air Force. I agree, however, the Air Force did come up with some ideas on how to solve some of these issues. First things first, hiring more female instructors is a start, also exploring the possibility that only female instructors will handle females.

Sexual abuse is a touchy subject to most and believe it or not it happens throughout all military branches. “The Pentagon estimates 19,000 sexual assaults occur each year. But only 14% of these crimes are actually reported. And less than 8% go to a court-martial.” (Chris Lawrence, CNN). Although precautions have been said to take place immediately there is still going to be concern that comes from the public. Especially from those that are sending there loved ones off to Air Force basic training.

In my opinion they needed to fire everyone that was involved or at least temporarily terminate until the trails were over. Women don’t feel safe and comfortable talking with a confidential sexual assault response coordinator. Air Force bases across the country could use some help on making women feel more comfortable approaching a coordinator and in making them feel safe in the situation.


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